VDA 19.1 – Inspector of technical cleanliness in the automotive industry


In the manufacturing of modern motor vehicles, technical cleanliness of components and assemblies is an important functional quality feature. VDA volume 19.1, “Inspection of technical cleanliness – particle contamination of automotive parts of functional relevance”, deals as a comprehensive standard with procedures for the identification of cleanliness levels of automotive products.




  • Technical cleanliness in the automotive industry
  • Extraction procedure for the separation of particles
  • Analytical methods for the evaluation of particle contamination
  • Qualification of cleanliness evaluation through decay measurement and dummy value tests
  • Documentation, cleanliness specification and testing examples
  • Case study as a team exercise – extraction, filtration and analysis – documenting cleanliness limits and analysis results
  • Practical exercise in a cleanliness laboratory in several phases for extraction, filtration and analysis




Training of specialists in the inspection of technical cleanliness. Participants will learn to design, carry out and document cleanliness analysis in accordance with VDA 19, using state-of-the-art technology.


Target Audience


People who work in design, quality assurance, technical purchasing and sales in the automotive industry and their suppliers, aerospace, hydraulics and precision engineering, and those who are confronted with the topic of technical cleanliness.